free vs paid website

Free vs Paid Website

The entire free vs paid website builder topic has been a hot issue for a while now. However, it does remind me of a mental approach that has often served […]

the missing piece

Finding the missing piece

Many businesses already have a web site. They understand the necessity of internet marketing in today’s world. Yet they wait patiently for sales that never come. What is the missing […]

crimson small business 01

7 reasons your small business needs a web site

Nothing generates more revenue than advertising. It’s an undeniable fact: Clients can’t use your products or services if they don’t know you exist. Some business owners think they don’t need […]

crimson logo 250 mission

Our mission begins

After 17 years in the customer technical service arena, the Crimson Web Design mission has begun. It is both a privilege and a purpose to offer our services to the […]