Can you work with my existing hosting service?

Sure. We already have a hosting provider and it’s easiest for us to work with them. But we are happy to work with another provider if you already have one. Any expenses to that provider will be paid by you directly.


The only thing we’d like to point out is that not allĀ hosting providers are the same. Some of the difference are technical like gzip compression and leveraged browser caching. There’s a reason good people like you hire good people like us.


The bottom line is that sometimes a given hosting provider simply doesn’t provide as good of a service as another. What looks to be the same features for a lower price involves a lot of things the cheap guy doesn’t do (or do well enough).


The end result can be a well-designed, solidly coded web site that still doesn’t rank well on search engines. Those search engines care about things like leveraged browser caching and will penalize your site’s ranking if your site isn’t up to speed.


That being said, we’ll work on hosting to make sure you’re pleased with not only the look of your site but how well it functions behind the scenes.

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