I have a web site. Do I need a new one?

The answer is probably “yes” simply because you’re reading this. But the real answer comes from examining your current site (if you have one).


If you already have a site, how is it performing? Are you getting regular contacts via your site? Are you able to gain new customers from those who contact you?


If you aren’t getting regular contacts maybe your site isn’t highly visible on the web. This could be for any number of reasons.


Likewise, if you do get contacts but aren’t getting new customers, it may not be “poor salesmanship” on your part. Maybe your site is unintentionally giving visitors the wrong idea about what to expect.


Either way, Crimson Web Design will begin your project with a free estimate. This estimate includes examining your current web site for design, coding, and speed issues that could be hurting your business. We will discuss everything with you and suggest how we can help.

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