Social media integration?

Yep. You’ll want that too. Facebook alone gets nearly 2 billion users per month. That’s insane, right?


Many business don’t think they need things like Facebook or Twitter. Nah, that’s for people to post pictures of kittens or complain about politics, right? Well, there’s a reason why companies like Apple and AT&T update their social media almost hourly and it isn’t kittens. (by next year we wouldn’t be surprised if the “iKitten” is a real thing)


Social media is a driving force in business. In the competitiveĀ internet world you need to take advantage of anything and everything that will help you get noticed.


Crimson Web Design will set up your social media pages if you don’t have them. Your new, or existing, social media will be linked into your site and vice-versa. The role of keeping your content updated will be up to you. We want to give you that fine level of control.


The end result is effective cross-marketing that gives you benefits many times your effort. Crimson Web Design looks for every advantage and helps you take it.

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