What does a web site cost?

That’s a common question. There isn’t an exact answer but it isn’t guesswork either. Simply put, it depends on what you want.


Some things have specific costs. These include logo design, hosting for your site, domain registration, e-commerce, premium photos to get just the right look, and so forth. These are factored in when we provide your free estimate so you get one final price. We believe it is much easier for you to know your total cost up front than it is to piecemeal things together as we go. We’re not going to upsell you on dessert after you’ve already paid for steak.


It’s hard to say exactly how much the entire project will cost. Typically, a full web site might be around $2000. Definitely, some projects could be less. They might be a little more. But we don’t want to guess for you.


The best thing to do is simply to give us a call. Give us 20 minutes to discuss what you need and what we can provide. We believe the best way to make the right choice is to have all the information.


Crimson Web Design will provide you with a free estimate and all the details you need. No hassle or hard sell. Just an honest discussion to help you decide what works for you.

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