What is SEO? Do I need it?

This is another absolute “Yes!” (We’d put that in all caps but we don’t like to shout.)


SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is everything that makes search engines happy with your site so it will list it high in search results. There is A LOT (oops, we yelled that time) that goes into that but it is absolutely necessary.


Think of your web site like a billboard the entire world can see. Having a web site without SEO is like making the perfect billboard then keeping it in your garage…under some greasy rags…near the old lawn mower that doesn’t even run.


Search engines look at many things you may not even notice. The difference between a web site that loads in one second versus two seems like nothing. It matters.


Those crazy technical things like “minified CSS” and “deferred parsing of JavaScript” matter. Content readability, tags, and above the fold content matter. It all matters.


There are many companies that specialize in SEO. It is far more than web design and it takes ongoing work. What can rank high one day on search results can fall the next if the work isn’t done.


Crimson Web Design will perform basic SEO on every site we build. This basic SEO will include reasonable work to improve site load speed and all that technical stuff that real humans never see.


Beyond that, we will discuss options for you. Truthfully (because we’re always truthful) your SEO will depend on how much you want to spend on it. If everyone could be #1 on search results for their business they would, but they can’t.


That doesn’t mean you can’t rank well and it’s the target worth shooting for. Crimson Web Design will help you aim.

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