About Crimson

Why do we do it? What would motivate anyone to spend their days developing code like we're in the Matrix? (Also: How can we know we aren't?)

Behind the Curtain

There is a rare blend that goes into the creation of a web developer. The perfect web site is a fusion of technical skill, design vision, and business savvy.

The site has to be responsive. It has to be engaging. Most of all it has to entice visitors to get in touch with you. That's where the end result comes into play.

Crimson Web Design focuses on each area. Everything we do behind the curtain must ultimately create an immersive experience for your visitors. They shouldn't just decide to get in touch. They should be unable to consider anything else.

Sometimes our clients have a crystal clear vision of what they want to achieve. They know what they want from their web site and how it should look. Other clients only know they need a new, or better, web site to stay competitive. They know it's necessary in a world consumed with internet searches and online purchases.

We love working with both types of clients. Our approach is based on teamwork and communication. We love working with you to see that crystal clear vision (or vague idea) transform into something that transcends mere code and profit margins while never losing sight of either.

So, there it is. What makes us different? It's passion for what we do and our loyalty to your dreams. Our greatest satisfaction is in hearing of your success.

The Captain


"I have spent the last 20 years working in the technical field. My daily connection to my clients has forged my belief that the bonds of loyalty transcend profit yet also create it. I have always used my technical skills to solve client problems.

That began with Paragon Medical Technology, providing medical software and support to physician offices and claim billing services. In many ways, web development is a natural extension of that.

Those businesses I serve need clients just like you do. They search for the most efficient and affordable way to build their customer base.

Internet marketing is, by far, the best advertising investment a business can make. My goal has always been to provide a single service that offers endless options.

Crimson Web Design is a vital part of that service. I am happy to be sharing it with you right this minute."

~ Michael Newell, Crimson Web Design owner

But what's with this whole "comic book" theme?

We don't intend for your business to be passed by because it looks like all the others. You aren't like the rest. Every business has something unique about it, starting with you.

Whatever led you to where you are is part of where you are going. We reflect that in every design.

We are committed to your needs and vision, of course. If you feel a sleek, modern site is best to represent your company then we will design that with as much pride as the most eclectic site. It's all about what you need and what works for your public image.

In a world full of dull crayons, dare to be the bold crimson in a sea of grays. Here at Crimson Web Design, we love comic books. The stories are inspiring. The heroes rise above challenges with courage and dignity. We still believe in heroes.

We want to make you the hero of your own story. Sure, it may only be a web site but it's "You". And we think you matter.

Ready to be a hero?