Different is Good

Services need clients. Your business thrives on advertising. Simply put, a client can't hire you if they don't know you exist. It's only a matter of how you get noticed. Dollar for dollar, few things give you a return on investment like internet marketing. The battle is often lost or won before your phone ever rings.

Crimson Web Design focuses on elevating your public presence. Our services maximize your profits with minimal investment. The approach is straightforward on your side. It is a relationship based on communication, loyalty, and true teamwork. Behind the scenes we put our expertise in coding to work. Our services deliver robust web sites that are as technically sound as they are beautiful.

Let's get going!

Below is an overview of our services. Then we'll dig in and give you the details. The best decisions are informed ones. We give you the facts.

Our goal is to help you stand out from all competition. By developing and presenting your unique brand presence, your company will soar above the rest.

We are the superheroes of web development

Capes are optional.

We love what we do.


HTML. CSS. PHP. There’s a reason not everyone can make coding an art form. Don’t worry. We handle the work. You enjoy the results.


More website visits happen on mobile devices than desktops. Your site adapts to either in clean fashion, enhancing each visitor’s unique experience.


Coding is technical. Design is sublime. Both have to meet in harmony for the ultimate experience. It’s okay to be amazed at what we can do.

See the big picture

Excellence by design.

WordPress, the most widely-used site design interface, allows us to create beautiful sites that spark imagination and exhibit your professional look.


Taking full advantage of cross-platform integration, your visitors will find you on major social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, google+, and more.

There you are!

Search Engine Optimization pushes you ever-upward in your prospective clients’ search results for businesses like yours. Be found. Be seen. Be successful.

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Online shopping is easy, flexible, and convenient for your customers. We make offering it easy for vendors too.

We’re listing

Expand beyond your own horizons by featuring in local business listings. Even if your prospective clients don’t discover you first, we’ll point them in the right direction.

Turnkey service

Crimson keeps your entire internet presence under one umbrella. Our straightforward services reduce headaches to make your life, and profit, easier.

Focus on the details

At Crimson, we believe you are the vital component to a web site you love. Our work is done when you're happy. So we start with what will bring a smile to your face.

It all starts with vision. Keep reading.

No time to read all the stuff below? It's cool.

Business Interview

These few questions are where we start. Some are surprised when they have to take a minute to think on these.

  • What does your business do? This question is so simple it can be hard.
  • Who is your target audience? Hint: The answer shouldn't be "people". For one, we think giraffes might enjoy your web site too, but that's not the point.
  • How is your product or service different than the competition? This is key because there are probably lots of businesses that do what you do. But no one does it exactly how you do it.
  • What is your vibe? This is the feel you want for your site. It should match your business. We can even help you create that vibe.
  • What is the goal of your site? Yeah, more money, we get it. We'll work on the details together.

Site Interview

Next we'll get down to what the site offers.

  • Do you already have a registered domain and hosting for your site? If so, we can work with it. If you don't, we can provide it.
  • How many pages do you want?
  • What are those pages? We can make suggestions here.
  • Do you need a logo designed or do you have one? If you have one, does it need redesigned for modern web sites?
  • What are your signature colors?
  • How interactive is the site? For example, will you be selling products, making appointments, or ordering online?
  • What is the time frame for the site? Is there a deadline you are trying to meet? We will do our best to work with you.
  • Who will be our contact for the work? This is the person who has the vision for the site and can actually make decisions for it.

Service Agreement

Then there's the grown-up stuff.

  • Based on the information you give us, we will deliver a free estimate to you. This is usually done on our first call.
  • The invoice amount can vary. It depends on things like the complexity of site design, premium photos to give it your desired look, our coding time, and so forth. But we don't want any surprises for you so we'll get you the final figure up front.
  • We'll work with you on payment. There will be some upfront investment but we can also spread much of it out over time. We know money is a factor but we don't want it to stop you from having the site you want and deserve.

Whee! Web site design!

Build it and they will come? Only if you build it right.
We will.

  • We will begin working on your site immediately. We'll get your hosting set up (if needed) then get your logo just right for you. Next will come shaping the look and feel for the site. More time often goes into design than coding because each site is unique. We intend to get it right.
  • We'll deliver a draft of the home page. This is the most important page because it is the first thing visitors will see.
  • Once you're happy with the home page we will design the other pages. These are usually similar in design to the home page so this part often goes faster.
  • We will include interactive functionality for the site. This is where things like e-commerce comes in.
  • Once you're happy with the site we'll do basic SEO (search engine optimization) for it. This will be the background techie stuff that makes search engines happier with your site. Additional SEO services are very labor intensive but they can, and should, be added to make your site list well on search engines. After all, that's kind of the point.
  • We will continue to provide basic update services for the life of the service agreement. This will include things like mandatory coding updates to keep your site functional.
  • Voila! Your site is already working on your behalf. Day and night around the world, we help the right people discover your business. More visitors = more revenue = Success! That's a formula we can get behind!


We keep talking about loyalty because it's the foundation of Crimson Web Design. We truly believe that success comes from good people working together for the greater good. It's so old-fashioned it's almost cliche. But it's true.

We want you to be more than a client. We want to be more than your vendor.

We hope to forge a lasting relationship built on loyalty, communication, honesty, and respect. It excites us to imagine a world where those qualities are not only remembered but embraced. Be the hero of this story.

You read all of that? We can see you're serious about your web site. We are too.


There are a lot of companies that do what we do. Some are experts and have been doing this for years. Some started working this week from the closest coffee shop with wifi access.


With enough due diligence one could find out everything there is to know about each company. That sounds exhausting. So we’re going to tell you all you need to know about us.


Crimson Web Design is a small business that understands the struggles small businesses face. Every single thing we would do to help ourselves we’re ready to do for you.


If you’re running a multi-million dollar corporation you probably aren’t reading this. You have an entire department to do what we do.


But maybe you have a couple dozen employees. Maybe you have ten. Maybe you get up each day and put on your CEO/Janitor hat and dig in to make the best living you can in this world. You’re the one we are looking for.


Our principles of dedication and teamwork are based on the belief that together we achieve more than we can individually. We truly are more than the sum of our parts. We don’t accept “good enough” and you shouldn’t either. You deserve a partner who invests in you as more than a business. You deserve someone who treats you like a friend.


That friend needs the skills necessary to provide for your web site and design needs. We believe in ourselves and know you will too. We embrace the challenge of learning and improving so we can elevate both of us to new heights.


So, here we are: Crimson Web Design. We are ready to help. Let’s get started.

About a 10-digit phone call away. E-mail is great too.


No, seriously, we’re in Louisville, KY. Locally owned. Locally operated. Nothing outsourced to the ends of the Earth. We work where we live: in the moment.


Where are you located? Get in touch and tell us.

Crimson Web Design is all about connection. Connection between online visitors and your site. Connection between those visitors and your business. The connection between you and us.


Our entire project approach involves a single dedicated contact assigned to you. You will work with the same person from beginning to end. This improves communication, clarity, and results.


Here at Crimson, we love our clients. We’re ready to hear from you.

Crimson Web Design works with our trusted business partners to provide you with the best in secure cloud-based hosting for your applications. This doesn’t have anything to do with web design. It’s simply another service we are proud to offer.


More and more businesses are moving to server hosting. It reduces the cost of maintain an in-office server, IT support, and more expensive workstations. It is secure, affordable, and easy to use.


Accessing your application from anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection is a wonderful benefit. Want to check on something at 3 am? No problem.


Contact us and we will give you more information. It’s easy to get started and you’ll love it.

Definitely. In fact, it’s one of the very first design things we tackle.


Your logo is your brand. It can be simple. Often, simple is better. It needs to be distinctive and well-designed for use in other media. Business cards, letterhead, t-shirts, fliers, and more should carry it.


The best logos aren’t always the flashiest but they are a crucial part of your branding. If you think of McDonald’s or Nike you instantly think of their logo. Both are very simple. Both are the brand of success.


Crimson Web Design will help you brand your company too. Logo work can be done by us even if you don’t need our other services. We’re glad to help. Get in touch.

Yep. You’ll want that too. Facebook alone gets nearly 2 billion users per month. That’s insane, right?


Many business don’t think they need things like Facebook or Twitter. Nah, that’s for people to post pictures of kittens or complain about politics, right? Well, there’s a reason why companies like Apple and AT&T update their social media almost hourly and it isn’t kittens. (by next year we wouldn’t be surprised if the “iKitten” is a real thing)


Social media is a driving force in business. In the competitive internet world you need to take advantage of anything and everything that will help you get noticed.


Crimson Web Design will set up your social media pages if you don’t have them. Your new, or existing, social media will be linked into your site and vice-versa. The role of keeping your content updated will be up to you. We want to give you that fine level of control.


The end result is effective cross-marketing that gives you benefits many times your effort. Crimson Web Design looks for every advantage and helps you take it.

This is another absolute “Yes!” (We’d put that in all caps but we don’t like to shout.)


SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is everything that makes search engines happy with your site so it will list it high in search results. There is A LOT (oops, we yelled that time) that goes into that but it is absolutely necessary.


Think of your web site like a billboard the entire world can see. Having a web site without SEO is like making the perfect billboard then keeping it in your garage…under some greasy rags…near the old lawn mower that doesn’t even run.


Search engines look at many things you may not even notice. The difference between a web site that loads in one second versus two seems like nothing. It matters.


Those crazy technical things like “minified CSS” and “deferred parsing of JavaScript” matter. Content readability, tags, and above the fold content matter. It all matters.


There are many companies that specialize in SEO. It is far more than web design and it takes ongoing work. What can rank high one day on search results can fall the next if the work isn’t done.


Crimson Web Design will perform basic SEO on every site we build. This basic SEO will include reasonable work to improve site load speed and all that technical stuff that real humans never see.


Beyond that, we will discuss options for you. Truthfully (because we’re always truthful) your SEO will depend on how much you want to spend on it. If everyone could be #1 on search results for their business they would, but they can’t.


That doesn’t mean you can’t rank well and it’s the target worth shooting for. Crimson Web Design will help you aim.

Usually, it will take 3-4 weeks to do a basic web site from scratch. As with many things that involve creative design, that will vary. The first part of the project takes the longest because it involves so many design elements. After that, things really pick up steam.


We keep you up to date with each phase of the project as it’s done. We want your feedback at each milestone. It’s much easier to do something right once than fix it after the fact.

Sure. We already have a hosting provider and it’s easiest for us to work with them. But we are happy to work with another provider if you already have one. Any expenses to that provider will be paid by you directly.


The only thing we’d like to point out is that not all hosting providers are the same. Some of the difference are technical like gzip compression and leveraged browser caching. There’s a reason good people like you hire good people like us.


The bottom line is that sometimes a given hosting provider simply doesn’t provide as good of a service as another. What looks to be the same features for a lower price involves a lot of things the cheap guy doesn’t do (or do well enough).


The end result can be a well-designed, solidly coded web site that still doesn’t rank well on search engines. Those search engines care about things like leveraged browser caching and will penalize your site’s ranking if your site isn’t up to speed.


That being said, we’ll work on hosting to make sure you’re pleased with not only the look of your site but how well it functions behind the scenes.

The answer should be an unequivocal “Yes” but let’s look at the details. Your site contains information that we created together. That intellectual property will be yours. We will have rights to display it as a reference for our own work (which we think is fair) but it’s your information.


However, it may be hosted on a domain through us. We pay for the domain and other hosting matters and it’s under our name. Or, if you prefer, you can pay for your own domain and we’ll work with that. This option can be slightly more expensive if it is difficult to work with your host.


Either way, it isn’t our intention to hold your info hostage like this is “Taken” . If, at any time, you want to take over the hosting for your site, that’s fine. We’ll work with you on doing so. Future expenses for that would then fall to you.


Liam Neeson won’t need to use his “particular set of skills” on us.

Crimson Web Design has a service agreement because it protects both parties. It clearly states what we are providing you, how much it costs, how we provide it, and how you are paying for it.


Personally, we’ve never been a fan of service agreements. We would like to make a fair deal over a solid handshake and that would be that. But we live in a world where we’ve been taught to cross all the L’s and dot all the Q’s (or something like that). So it is good business practice to document everything so everyone is happy.


Our service agreement is very straightforward though. We’ll fairly modify it with you to suit your needs. Contact us and we’ll send you a copy for review.

Probably the same way you pay for most things. We accept checks. Major credit cards such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are fine. We can set up an auto-draft for your preferred card. There are no auto-renewals or any of that nonsense, just monthly installments until the agreed upon price is paid.


We’ll even take cash. But if you want to pay it in pennies please put them in a ceramic pig first.


Depending on the cost of the project and your budget, Crimson Web Design will work with you on a service agreement you are happy with. Having a happy partner is kind of the point.

We understand anything you work into your budget is a consideration. Crimson Web Design believes in transparency. There are a few things that may be a part of our own overhead and we can cover those up front.


An initial deposit will help cover the beginning of the project because it usually takes the most time. Designing logos, working with colors, laying out pages, searching for the right images, and so forth takes time.


An initial deposit will be measured only in the hundreds to cover this. If the total cost is more than the deposit then that can be paid over time.


Crimson Web Design will work with you on a budget that is fair to both of us. That is how it should be.


No, we won’t promise you the moon for a penny but we aren’t trying to finance our early retirement either. We’re looking for a teammate, not a passing client.

That’s a common question. There isn’t an exact answer but it isn’t guesswork either. Simply put, it depends on what you want.


Some things have specific costs. These include logo design, hosting for your site, domain registration, e-commerce, premium photos to get just the right look, and so forth. These are factored in when we provide your free estimate so you get one final price. We believe it is much easier for you to know your total cost up front than it is to piecemeal things together as we go. We’re not going to upsell you on dessert after you’ve already paid for steak.


It’s hard to say exactly how much the entire project will cost. Typically, a full web site might be around $2000. Definitely, some projects could be less. They might be a little more. But we don’t want to guess for you.


The best thing to do is simply to give us a call. Give us 20 minutes to discuss what you need and what we can provide. We believe the best way to make the right choice is to have all the information.


Crimson Web Design will provide you with a free estimate and all the details you need. No hassle or hard sell. Just an honest discussion to help you decide what works for you.

Yes! It is impossible to overstate how important a web site is in the common era. More people discover businesses online than by any other method.


Having a business without a web site is like hiding in a broom closet during a meet-and-greet. While everyone else is making connections you will only hear the noise.


Your web site is your public face to the world. It is your online resume that works for you 24/7. Instead of you searching out customers, those customers find you. The quality of your web site entices them to contact you and new doors are opened.


There’s no reason to wait in the broom closet hoping someone opens the door. Be seen. Be heard. Meet people. Make money.


Crimson Web Design makes that process easy and affordable.

The answer is probably “yes” simply because you’re reading this. But the real answer comes from examining your current site (if you have one).


If you already have a site, how is it performing? Are you getting regular contacts via your site? Are you able to gain new customers from those who contact you?


If you aren’t getting regular contacts maybe your site isn’t highly visible on the web. This could be for any number of reasons.


Likewise, if you do get contacts but aren’t getting new customers, it may not be “poor salesmanship” on your part. Maybe your site is unintentionally giving visitors the wrong idea about what to expect.


Either way, Crimson Web Design will begin your project with a free estimate. This estimate includes examining your current web site for design, coding, and speed issues that could be hurting your business. We will discuss everything with you and suggest how we can help.

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