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James Summers

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Helping Individuals Find Success

Crimson Web Design specializes in helping small businesses succeed. This dedication applies to more than small companies. It’s also the individual entrepreneur, the person with a dream ready to be realized.

James Summers is a horror fiction writer who delivers gripping thrillers with a twist. He wrote in the past under the name “Peggy Landers”, for which his site is named. James had a self-made web site to showcase his work. He needed it revised to offer a more modern style, mobile responsiveness, and easier navigation.

We worked directly with James to create a site that not only delivered all of the above, but also reflects the spirit of his work. We even met with him personally afterwards to help him develop a strong SEO approach going forward.

James is very pleased with what Crimson Web Design did for him. No project is too small for us. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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